How to start my own business?

Stage One

 The first and most important step is to contact us in order to book an appointment with one of our lawyers. There we will discuss your future plans and ideas. At this pre-investment stage we will find together the most efficient solution for organization of your business. You will receive highly qualified legal and accounting advices. You can fully trust the advices from our experienced lawyers. To implement this stage, do not hesitate to contact usBALKAN BUSINESS HELP is the best possible partner for this purpose!

Stage Two

The second and the fundamental step in starting a business is the registration of a business entity (COMPANY). Our team will walk you through the entire procedure of registration; we will prepare the whole number of documents needed. In this stage you will be constantly assisted by a representative of BALKAN BUSINESS HELP who will guide and direct your actions. This requires your presence at our office in Petrich. After we prepare the entire set of documents required for registration and you sign them personally, it will take about 5 working days. After this period, you will be an owner of a company ready to move to Stage Three. To implement Stage Two, please schedule a meeting with a representative of our team. BALKAN BUSINESS HELP is the best possible partner for this purpose!

Stage Three

Third stage in the process of development a business in Bulgaria is to choose a company that will perform the accounting and book keeping of the company represented by you. For this, we advise you to trust a team of professionals with experience and long-term practice in the field of taxation and accounting services which assures that you won’t suffer penalties and negative impacts because the tax legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria and generally accepted accounting practices will be strictly met. Fortunately you’ve come to the right place – BALKAN BUSINESS HELP is the best possible partner for this!

Why should I choose Bulgaria?

You’ve come to the right place. We recommend that you realize your ideas in Bulgaria because it is the country with the lowest taxes in Europe, has positive economic growth, low social security threshold and low unemployment rate. The business environment in the country predisposes development of a profitable business. Try to create your own…

Here is our proposal for you

BALKAN BUSINESS HELP has been established to provide services to Bulgarian and foreign investors in the country. Our team consists of attorneys, lawyers, financial experts and accountants. Together, acting in mutual relationship, they will help you to successfully implement your ideas to invest in Bulgaria through: